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Waves is a beautiful song. It’s a gentle eulogy to that something in your life you can always rely on. So, the video was intended to have a slightly wistful, elegiac and home-movie feel to it, with a splash of old-style 8mm vintage dust ‘n’ scratches ‘n’ light leaks. Which of course, is not something you usually associate with 48mb/s second HD video, but we had a good go at it anyway. We also had a rather fine time filming it on the glorious Northumberland coastline around Bamburgh. And of course I really enjoyed blowing the sand out of my camera’s 🙂

Enough of this though, here’s Matt with a great song and hopefully a video that does it some justice. For more Matt : Check him out here.

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I recently shot a video with these guys, follow its progress!

80:8 Moving | Still | Blog

1080P HD 48Mb/s video is a fabulous thing to behold. Pristine and sharp, full of depth and tonal quality….And I’ve just spent most of the evening trashing it. This is our next video – currently in post production – Matt Wilson and ‘Waves’. It’s very different to our last few video’s – quite lo-fi but hopefully worth a watch or two. Here’s a still.

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Right, as you can see from the little banner to the right there’s an EP in progress. due for release in Summer the Waves EP will give you all a clear indication of the developed sound i have adopted recently. You can hear all new tracks over on soundcloud and facebook straight from Garageband the moment they are finished however a select few will be taken down soon to work on more for this release. Make use of the time, follow the link on to soundcloud and download these tracks for FREE because in a weeks time they will be down!

Exciting times, keep posted.


Hello! Time to finally kickstart 2012!

Yes i finally managed to dig out what was left of the blog and the excitement of last year and what a good year it was. however here we are, in 2012 and things have started to pick up again! i have just finished working on a music video for Waves in the cold but gorgeous east coast beaches of Bamburgh with my good friends at 80eight (if you havent already, check them out cause they really do produce quality material which could even kickstart a cats musical career…). so yeah that was fun, extremely fun and we now wait eagerly for the final product to be produced. with this video comes lots of new material, a new sound which i am finally happy with. Check out the Music page to the left to hear what u have been up to recently. The Blog has had a little makeover and it will soon be the base for all things Matt Wilson as i will be doing away with the website. what else is new? Oh i have started working with Straw Puppet Promotions to push forward so this can only bring more exciting opportunities this year and hopefully even a headline gig towards summer. also with the sunshine approaching i hope to release the ‘Waves’ EP. lots of excitement over here, talks of a 4 hour busk on the train to London, a music video shot on trikes on the streets of Edinburgh and more weird and wonderful ideas. Please keep posted and share the facebook page, follow the twitter page, just please keep the support coming, it means the world!


give me time, im nearly there, 2012 is gonna be big, just wait…

We have hit some highs, a lot of highs in fact. 2011 has been huge! I have a lot of people to thank, friends new and old you all know who you are. There was a recent opportunity that didn’t quite happen but since when have I been down and out? I’ve got ideas, big ideas and next year they are gonna be put into play.

Recently I have been doing a lot of writing and hopefully you have all listened to the new sound and songs started by Spread Your Wings. Taste Of A Smile showed that there is a lot to come. I hit a moment of being lost and so Shadows Of Uncertainty was introduced to let my confused mind speak. However “my medicinal wish was answered” by a certain someone and a new positive side was shown with songs such as Breathless and You Gave Me Life. Several live covers were thrown into the air and thankfully they were well received so I will make an attempt to keep them coming. To round them all off I released a preview of Never Be Hurt which is like my prized possession, loving it!

With new material written and with new influences I am bouncing back. Expect LOADS of material and happenings going on in 2012, this was just the beginning.

Speak soon and keep on spreading the word!

“We surrender our hearts…”

That’s all for now, have a listen to Breathless. We have new material, new photos, a music video, new covers all coming up before christmas! Then I’m coming back, hitting hard with melodies from my mended heart…

“you leave me feeling breathless…”

so yeahh i seem to have neglected this blog since my london gig which was AWESOME! thanks a lot to The Boogaloo and The Keepsakes for having me down to play and also thanks to the many teenage girls for the amazing north London reception, wow!

anyway i wrote a post predicting a rather dark return to Scotland with new, more emo songs however this hasn’t happened. i wrote Shadows Of Uncertainty which is about me tapping into everything that goes on in my head and that has been as dark as it gets. what has changed is i am now thinking a lot more about lyrics and a sound i want to portray. i rewrote Might I Be A God which features an up beat whistling riff, strange for me i know!

then it happened.

i found myself back in DADGAD tuning running through a few tunes and i found a chord, then another, then another. i then had a chorus line, “you leave me feeling breathless, i’m breathless.” next thing i knew i was writing a love song. WHAAAAAAT! well this is a first. i got more and more into and in one day i wrote and recorded a brand new song, Breathless. i personally love it and although its a rough recording done on garageband, thankyou Steve Jobs, it gives you an idea of whats to come!

enjoy and check out Might i Be A God and Shadows Of Uncertainty over on



How will i come back from London this time?

Soo that is the question, I left during summer with a tame tone to my voice and came back with a husk in my voice to put Ray Lamontagne to shame! I was lying in bed today after packing everything up and had a wave of “something” wash over me. A strange feeling of nervousness. Now I know that this isn’t for playing at The Boogaloo on sunday so what was causing it? Am I nervous about how I may come back from London this time, I came back last time rich in new ideas and confidence, with almost a new look on everything. I shouldn’t be nervous about that so what am I nervous about?!

Maybe its change. I know one thing for sure, change is happening. After catching up with Colleen and Philip at 80eight last weekend it was made obvious to me change is happening. The Beach Busker is gone. That character I found myself adopting back when it all started in March is gone. I’m growing, getting older, there’s no blonde left, its all dark! That goes for the music too. I’ve tried real hard to make my songs light but its not happening and I’m not fighting anymore. Taste Of A Smile gave a good indication of what’s to come, somethings taking over, ripping itself out from inside. See every night I lay down and just think, evaluate, question what is happening right now. Think about hopes, regrets, feelings that are just niggling at me! I would never speak about these ever in public, its not who I am… I don’t think but recently they are just overpowering me. I wrote last night, “think the number of stars in the sky, that’s a fraction of the thoughts behind my blue eyes.” Its true, I won’t ever show it but I think about everything, there’s a lot going on that I don’t like to speak about. I need to mention Yeahh I’m a happy sort, I have a fabulous life, luckiest kid alive I believe in the sense of having a lovely family, good friends but I still have these thoughts. I really don’t know why. This is where my music is heading. Its going dark, more and more of these thoughts are creeping out through my lyrics. I know I aint alone, we all have doubts, we all have confusion and paranoia running through our veins so these songs won’t be for everyone but for those that listen and have been listening, I’m glad you do and I hope they mean something to you.

So I’m off to London to play at The Boogaloo on sunday and to see some family. I can’t wait, really excited but I write this post at the time I usually let all these thoughts take over for a while so my enthusiasm isn’t being portrayed very well. Will I come back differently this time, I don’t know but there are plans I tell you, new photos, a video, plenty more gigs I’m sure.

I leave you now with some lyrics from this song I woke up to find myself writing. I also apologise cause I don’t know why I write such depressing music! Its almost unconscious though!

“Shadows of uncertainty colour my life,
Dark lines of melody written each time,
I think, I think..

White of my pillow loses pigment each day,
When I lay my head down and let the thoughts stray,
I think, I think..

Stare blind at my future to shut it all out, close all the windows cause I can’t stand the doubt,
Can’t it all be simple now,
Cause I don’t think I can keep writing it down,
Writing it down no more.

I know that in time I can’t keep up this facade,
Cold winds of winter will wear this blockade,
When I think, I think..

Telling more lies to shut them all out,
But soon you will see I’m living in doubt,
Can’t it all be simple now,
Cause I don’t think I can keep writing it down,
Writing it down no more..

Think the number of stars up in the sky,
That’s a fraction of the thoughts behind my blue eyes,
Think of finding your way through the woods at night,
That’s how lost I am in the thoughts and feelings I fight.”

“We were in love…”

now i have been meaning to write this entry for a while now, about how a song can just be used the right way, a way that can send shivers through your whole body! to emphasise an event in a storyline, to emphasise an emotion that one song can make a huge difference. last night my bunch of lads and myself took a trip to the cinema, not to see some stereotypical action packed “lads” film but to see…Crazy Stupid Love. a bit queer i know but don’t diss until you have seen it! what a wonderful film, right up  my alley with its story regarding the harsh reality of LOVE! there is a particular part with the young 13yr old lad claiming that he shouldn’t be looked down on when speaking about love, that he can be just as aware of being love as someone 30years his elder. i was that kid, rock on son! Anyway yeahh so i was saying how that one song can enhance a moment, especially in TV and film. A song called Blood by The Middle East was played at the end, at the time i had no idea what song this was but i heard picked guitar mixed with flourishes of other instrumental cuteness and it made me sit up and mutter “TUNE!” with the storyline coming to its thankfully happy conclusion and the addition of this one song it really did send shivers!

Maybe i am alone in receiving shivers from music combined with a moment but it is something that just happens. its always a feeling that makes me rush home and start writing, a feeling that makes me want to be the one singing at the end of the movie.

another moment in which a song just makes you explode with emotion is in american drama One Tree Hill. now this show is famous for its soundtrack and too right, it features music from Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy to name a few and you know how much i love my emo music! anyway there is a moment which all fans of the show will recognise immediately if i were to mention the word “heartbeats,” and that is the moment the ravens win the championship, in which all main characters come together in celebration. yes the song is Heartbeats by a cover performed by Jose Gonzalez, you know that one with the bouncy balls in the vid? the music starts, guitar seems to play along to the confetti falling, the lyrics providing a setting for what may be seen as one of the best moments in TV HISTORY like EVER! being filled with joy that the team have won the championship could be enough when mixed with this song to send shivers but then it happens. the words are  “when all my dreams come true the one i want beside me, its you” are spoken by Chad Michael Murray’s character Lucas, then a re followed by a kiss. now we have confetti, a winning situation, fingerpicking loveliness of Heartbeats, cheesy but totally acceptable dialogue and a kiss! Wow!

now maybe i just get way too absorbed in what i watch and am a sadooo when it comes to music and american dramas(not denying that part) but watch this clip and just melt for a minute!