About Me



“fresh-faced Matt may be, but he delivered a set more confident and accomplished than a lot of musicians with more miles on the gigging clock”

I am singer singer/songwriter from sunny Girvan on the South West coast of Scotland. I was introduced to music from a very young age, that young there is actually a picture of me on my dads knee with a ukelele that is twice my size. From a family of music lovers it was always fair to say that I would grow to have the same admiration. I started writing songs around the age of 15. With teenage life in full swing I had a lot of ‘angst’ and emotion to write about, lets not forget about heartbreak too!

I am a great fan of Dashboard Confessional, their brutally honest lyrics telling the deep dark story of reality. Their sound introduced me to using different tunings which is a key part to my music. I am currently fashioning songs written in open C tuning and DADGAD which are providing me with a thick full sound, always helpful when mounted on a stage myself. My secret weapon, which can be heard in numerous of my recordings to date, is my Fender acoustic stringed in Nashville tuning. The ‘jangle’ and ‘twang’ off this instrument is beautiful and again helps thicken the texture of my sound. A sound heavily influenced by Bon Iver at the moment also.

i’d like to thank all my friends and family for supporting me in my music and lets hope this is the point where it all takes off!


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