“…wasting my time waiting for you my blue moon”

Soo…i was down in Berwick last night playing a set at The Barrels Ale House. such an amazing little underground venue which gave me an amazing reception.  The acoustics were perfect, they really were and everyone was so friendly and really knew and loved their music!

while down i stayed with the lovely people of 80eight photo and design who have made an awesome job of all my design work since i started way back in March. you should really check them out cause i would be nowhere without their help! anyway we started discussing whats next for my music and lots and lots of new ideas were thrown about. all i think you will find to be very interesting. some cover ideas from the likes of Blondie to Miike Snow, new style for winter shoots and even (mega stoked about this) a music video for Taste Of A Smile! my time with Phil and Colleen of 80eight this weekend couldn’t have been better timed as they are just about to move  house meaning their current house was empty and you should hear the reverb in this place! Phil was quick to get me recording the last ever session in the house so expect a new cover up very soon! one that i know you will like!

anyway what an awesome start to the weekend, thanks to the Barrels Staff and locals for such a great night and ofcourse thanks to 80eight for putting me up in the house yet again.

to round off here is a clip from my last song of the night, A Taste Of A Smile recorded live at The Barrels Ale House! Enjoy



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